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Online Help

Getting started

After the install is completed, you can start StudioTax Enterprise. From the start window you can create or open databases and once you have an open database, you can open returns or create new returns.

The first task you need to perform would be to create a new database. You can also open the DemoDatabase that you can save from the download page. Once you click on the Create a new database button, a database management dialog pops up.

Database management

You can use the database management dialog to select a Database system (1), provide the necessary parameters and create a new database. The demo version comes with the Native database only. The other supported database interfaces are either available with the license or available upon request. In the case of the StudioTax native database, you need to select a file (2) and optionaly provide a password. Click on the Create button (3) to create a new empty database.

Once a new database is created, you can initiate the creation of a new return from the same dialog (4) or close the dialog and use the toolbar or the File menu.

Quick start wizard

StudioTax provides a quick start wizard that is used to capture the required personal information and, optionally, it can be used to enter the most common financial information. Once the required information is entered, you can exit the wizard and enter the various data directly using the CRA like forms.

StudioTax provides an efficient use of the screen real state to maximize productivity. The Tax explorer contains a tree (1) of all the opened returns. To active a return, you only need to select it on the tree. The list of open forms (2) can be found at the bottom of the Tax explorer window. StudioTax main window is made of two levels of tabs: The main tab (3) which contains 6 different sub-tabs:

  • The T1 General tab contains the 4 first page of the T1 return.
  • The Federal Forms tab contains all the open federal forms. Note that not all the forms used by a given returns are open. You have to use the Forms button on the toolbar to open a given form or double click on a field that is linked to that form. For example you can double click on line 214 to open T778.
  • The Provincial Forms tab contains all the open provincial forms.
  • The TSlips tab provides access to the TSlips.
  • The Control Panel tab is used to manage the user options, databases, and returns.
  • The Help tab is used for a quick access to StudioTax help and some of CRA online guides.