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Online Help

Efile Wizard

Studiotax provides a seamless integration with CRA electronic filing servers. It can be setup to either use the HTTP server or the new WebService server. You can file returns using both the CRA EFILE and EFILE PLus protocols.

You can select the filing method and whether you want to have StudioTax file the returns or save the result to a file for filing at a later time. StudioTax is able to file using 2 different internet protocols supported by CRA: HTTP using an embedded browser or WebServices that does not require a browser. The following picture shows the scenario of building a batch .TED file that can be used to file multiple return in a single transmission using CRA EFILE Online Plus system. Note that the returns added to the batch do not have to be loaded. These batch returns are read from the database. A detailed description of filing using the CRA Efile Online and .TAX files is found with the Help that comes with the software. After installing StudioTax Enterprise you can access the Help through the the Help tab.

Once the returns are added to the batch, you can press Next to process the returns included in the batch.

A confirmation page is displayed where each return is tagged by a status that can be one of 4 different values: OK, Warning, More Info, and Error. Warning should be inspected and possibly ignored. More Info is a questions that needs to be answered. Error need to be fixed before the return can be included in the batch.