StudioTax is a powerful T1 income tax preparation software designed and built based on feedback from many users, StudioTax has achieved all government tax approvals and certifications since 2005. StudioTax generates tax forms that are identical to CRA printed forms. An easy to use yet powerful wizard is provided to complement StudioTax forms. The wizard captures tax information for most common tax returns. For more complicated returns, you can directly enter the information on the tax forms. StudioTax complies with CRA Netfile requirements, and it contains many checks and balances to ensure the information entered is valid.

If you file your return by mail , StudioTax supports government-approved 2D Bar Code printing. 2D Bar code is used by CRA to eliminate manual data capture errors by using computers to scan the 2D Bar code. Note that the 2D bar code contains all the return's content and it is used by CRA to quickly and accurately capture the tax data.


Creating a new Return

Editing the tax forms