Who can use ST

You need to be a registered Efiler to use StudioTax Enterprise. You will need to follow the CRA guidelines such as ensuring to get the authorization from each taxpayer you file their returns by getting them to sign the T183 form. It is a simple process to apply for a CRA Efiler number and takes at most a month to get the response. More information will be provided to you by CRA when you register for the Efiler number. Follow this link to apply for EFILE. (opens in a new tab)

Note that if you decide to become an Efiler and use StudioTax Enterprise., then

  • You will be able to open and import the returns created by the StudioTax Netfile version.
  • If you purchase a 2023 Enterprise license, then we will provide free Enterprise licenses for all the previous StudioTax Enterprise versions.
  • You can use your Efiler number and password for the previous versions of StudioTax Enterprise to create and Efile 2018 to 2022 returns.
  • You will have access to the many Enterprise features such as the Electronic signature and the CRA Authorize/Cancel a Representative service.

For Quebec tax preparers

If you file Quebec returns and you want to use an Efile software, then you also need to apply and get a Revenue Quebec preparer number and password. For more information refer to the following link: transmit your clients' tax returns. (opens in a new tab)

What if you need to file many returns unpaid and/or for charity?

According to CRA rules, you are not allowed to use a Netfile software to file another taxpayer returns regardless of whether it was for charity/unpaid or not. CRA has a process to help those people file for free: CRA free clinics. (opens in a new tab) If you want to be a volunteer in the CRA free clinics program, then you can apply and get free Efile(not Netfile) software form CRA: Volunteer at a free tax clinic. (opens in a new tab)