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Tslips Navigation

Tslips Navigation

As described by the following screen capture, There are 3 main sections:

Tslips Navigation Windows

Section 1: you can add a new Tslip using the button next, and you can go back and forth between your Tslips (same type) using the previous and next buttons. You can also enter the number of the Tslip you want to naviagte to (where it's shown 1 in the previous picture).

Section 2: if you want to see what Tslips you have filled, you can click on the refresh button and the list of filled Tslips will be displayed. You can select the Tslip you want to naviagte to directly from the list.

Section 3: if you wish to clear the current Tslip, you can just click on the clear button then confirm and the Tslip will be deleted.